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Eight years ago, Max Langdon disappeared from Beth’s life without a trace. Now he’s back: rich, persistent, and gorgeous.

Beth doesn’t want anything to do with him. She has a mortgage to pay and a good job as a cocktail waitress at the exclusive Silver Cross Club, and the last thing she needs is Max’s particular brand of excitement.

But when Max reveals he has a lead on their long-lost mutual friend, Beth has to take the chance. As they slowly rekindle their relationship, Beth begins to discover that she doesn’t really know Max at all.

If she turns him away, she’ll miss out on the love of a lifetime. But if she lets him back into her heart, she risks losing everything.

5 Responses

  1. Nouri

    How can I get allure on my nook ?because I read all the other books & I really want to read that one in the serious

    • Bec Linder

      Nouri, it will be available for Nook later this month — the 16th or 17th. I’ll send an email to my mailing list when it’s live, and update this post with links!

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